Horoscope march 27 leo or leo

It's good to dress to impress, but remember that your tact and intelligence speak volumes, as well.

Be shrewd with your money today, and with your time. You're even more focused than usual now, and also more aware of the need for security and prudence. Wild splurges on items you don't need aren't a good idea at the present, but you're too practical for that, anyway. You're interested in ways to conserve funds, not to squander them. You will expend energy only on a sure bet.

Your usual way of doing things involves a mixture of brash daring and impulsive leaps of faith. But today it's best to focus on making solid plans for the future. Your career path could use some attention, so think about where you want to be in one year, or five.

What do you need to get there?

March 27 Zodiac

Further schooling or training, perhaps? Get a plan in motion, or at least on paper. You've set your sights on a new goal, something bigger and better than anything you've done so far. You've probably already broken things down into a series of steps -- the milestones you need to reach in order to get where you're going.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

The only question now is, how far can you go in the next month? Decide on a reasonable goal to achieve in the next four weeks, and then get started.

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Spend some time today considering your professional life. It's a good time to upgrade your career, whether that means asking for a raise, going after a coveted account, or reading a book or taking a class to augment your training.

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If you've been thinking of switching careers, this is a good day to start making plans. You're interested in the long term, so keep that goal in mind as you make your next move.

Leo Weekly Horoscope For March 20th Thru March 27th 2016 Horoscope

It's time to take a practical, sober look at your life and see which areas need strengthening. This shouldn't be a difficult task for you. Today your focus is on both security and longevity, whether in your job, your health or some other area.

What Your Sign's November Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

In general terms, you know you want to be around for a long time and you want to lead a comfortable existence, so make provisions toward that end. Your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, March The Sydney Morning Herald. Aries March April 19 Suddenly, you're aware that you need more money or greater financial stability. April May 20 Buckle down today, and make solid headway in your to-do list. Gemini May June 21 This is one of those days when you're aware that you need to apply yourself to work or save your hard-earned money, but you just don't feel like it.

Cancer June July 22 You could slip into a pessimistic attitude about your career today.

The moon enters Capricorn today.

Leo July August Virgo August September 22 You're a hard worker, and you should feel good about that today. September October 22 You're often concerned with how others perceive you, and today that concern swells to actual worry.

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  4. Scorpio October 23 — November 22 Be shrewd with your money today, and with your time. Sagittarius November December 20 Your usual way of doing things involves a mixture of brash daring and impulsive leaps of faith. Throw or attend a dinner party, regardless of how you celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time for gratitude, and you should let yourself enjoy it. Dreamy Neptune goes direct on Wednesday, November 27 , asking us to consider why and who we celebrate with. Are you ready for some hot sex, Aries?

    Good, because it's happening this month. Watch out for petty annoyances; November asks you to look at the big picture in order to achieve long-lasting professional success. Read your full November horoscope here. Ask for what you want professionally, Taurus, because this month, it's time for boldness and confidence. And no more texting your ex.

    This month calls for using your fabulous flirting skills. However, no settling allowed, Gemini — you deserve someone who makes you feel alive. Early this month people are getting on your last nerve, Cancer. You have full permission to hide in your crab shell.

    Sabian Symbol

    Do come out soon, though, as someone in your love life makes you want more than you knew you needed. The sun shines bright on your career this month, Leo. Wild sex is waiting for you, but be sure to stay safe. November asks you to critically examine your love life, Virgo, but thankfully you are excellent at doing so.

    Keep your phone handy because good career news arrives later this month. Are you ready to get decadent, Libra? Good, because pleasure awaits this November. This month asks you to do something difficult for you: Relax. Do not feel bad about needing sexual chemistry in your relationship, Scorpio, it's as important as you believe it to be. Throw a dinner party, Sagittarius. Revel in being the center of attention.

    Leo Daily Horoscope

    This month has you craving deep connections. Your instructions are simple, Capricorn. Let go of nostalgia and look to the future, especially when it comes to your career. Put yourself first, this month, Aquarius. Before you commit to any long-term projects or people make sure you have the full picture. You're the prettiest fish in the sea, Pisces, and this month asks you to flaunt it. Professional advancement is at your fingertips but you have to go after it. Find Sophie on Instagram and Twitter.

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