Astrology meaning of venus

Gemini brings playfulness and a delight in erotic adventures.

Planets & Astrology: Venus

Cancer brings a capacity to play on the emotions of others, to charm, please and delight. Leo brings great charm that seduces others, and a delight in oneself. Virgo brings a fine sense for detail and a capacity to handle complicated things.

Venus Astrology

Libra brings loyalty in any partnership, and a talent for joining with others. Scorpio brings an attraction for the bizarre and a talent for fascinating others. Sagittarius brings delight in keeping a distance and talent for visual arts. Capricorn brings a capacity to easily get things done, and technical skills.

Aquarius brings inspired thoughts and great ideas. Pisces brings warm affection for just about everyone and everything. Venus and its astrological glyph. Keywords Here are the twelve Zodiac signs, and keywords for the character they give to Venus, i.

Woodcut by Hans Sebald Beham, from the 's. Ruler Venus rules over both Libra and Taurus, which means that it tends to be the most obvious and enforced in those signs. It may be regarded as exalting in Cancer and Virgo, but there is no astrological consensus about that.

Everything You Need To Know About Your VENUS Sign - All 12 Signs 2019

It is not really weakened in any Zodiac sign, because of its own beneficial capacity, but it might be slightly less suited for Aries and Sagittarius, maybe also for Pisces. The birth of Venus.

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Painting by Botticelli, c. A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers. Includes keywords, planetary rulers, symbols, elements and modalities.

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While it may seem that these signs have few things in common, they are linked by what gifts Venus bestows on them. Taurus takes pleasure in the joys of the material world - art, food, all things enjoyed by the senses. Libra too, enjoys sophistication, luxury and elegance, which they may find in fashion and a fancy dinner.

Venus can influence even how you decorate your room, your choice of music and your favorite colors. Through Venus's power, we are able to learn and explore our pleasures, tastes, inclinations, and all things that make us happy.

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Venus Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More

These may seem like materialistic pursuits, but keep in mind that they also remind us of the abundant beauty of the world. How do I give love? How do I feel loved? What gives me pleasure?

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What do I find beautiful? She influences one's creativity and provides people with divine feminine energy. Venus also influences our receptivity to love and attraction. She allows us to appreciate and to feel appreciated by others. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck.

The Planet Venus

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