Astrology born on february 23

Having risen once, they will never fall below the achieved level.

February 23 Birthday Horoscope

They embark on a new business with passion and try to never miss the newly opened opportunity. They try, everything that they would not undertake to perform efficiently, and always wait for an assessment of their actions.

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Very reliable. You can always count on them. They try to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, although this is given to them with great difficulty. Very intrusive. All the time they want everyone who surrounds them to act according to their rules. Enough, often those born on February 23, critically evaluate the actions of others, often not deserved. It seems to them that no one except them is able to cope with affairs.

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Therefore, they often experience a feeling of loneliness and fall into prolonged depression. It's a time for exploring the depths of love and this can show up in various forms for romantic personalities. From putting on a bit of red lipstick to remind yourself what you love about your own smile to sweet scented candles and sultry music that might prompt you to dance in your living room with someone you love.

The Scorpio Moon brings about opportunity when things don't go to plan as it is opposite Uranus in the sign of Aries at the last degree.

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  • February 23 Zodiac.

Fresh starts are bound to bring good turns of luck, so don't let your heart sink if you have a disappointment. It means a greater thing for you is coming around the corner soon.

FEBRUARY 23 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

Sharing things, being charitable and giving are great ways to tap into this energy's expression. With the Sun in the zodiac sign of Pisces, anything romantic is possible, but it can take a little effort on everyone's part this weekend. Your heart can open wide to receive things that have meaning for you on so many levels, so don't be afraid to try.

February 23rd Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Pisces - Part 2

Reconnect with your original goals and set new ones to reach. Be prepared to celebrate good news in the near future. Your instincts often are guided by your evaluation of others and actions. When you focus on getting things done, a negative turns into a positive for you, and it makes it easier for you to play.

Focus on your core values and do what you usually do. Individual's with a February the twenty third birthday enjoy conversing and exchanging views and ideas with others and are great listeners too. Despite your fascination with mysterious things you are essentially a realist with lots of curiosity and foresighted perception.

February 23 Birthday Horoscope

You like to learn something new every day and have a fairly optimistic outlook but may become restless with dull routines. Preferred choices of work to a person born on the twenty third of February are usually within some kind of humanitarian area. Your understanding communicative nature makes you naturally drawn to care or social work occupations. You are capable of multi tasking and tend to prefer jobs with plenty of variety in an interesting environment.

Individuals with this particular birth date are good managers of money and not often tempted by frivolous spending. Your generosity can sometimes cause you to overspend but your budgeting skills allow you to ordinarily live comfortably financially without any real issues. For a Pisces, the person born on the twenty third of February is unusually rather independent responsively when involved in platonic or romantic partnerships. You are a wonderful friend who will be emotionally supportive, immensely loyal and lots of fun.

Your friendly outgoing considerate temperament thrives on interpersonal interactions and hardly ever wants to spend time alone. You have paradoxical behaviors when it comes to intimate friendships and can be described as blowing hot and cold emotions.

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One minute you are enthusiastic and loving, the next you can be distant and cautious. A long term soul mate partner must understand this conflicting and sometimes unpredictable part of your personality.


They should also ideally be in tune with your openmindedness in the bedroom and keep the physical side to the relationship stimulating. Health concerns experienced by those born on February 23rd are sometimes linked to your highly strung disposition. Although you may not appear outwardly nervous you have a proneness to bottling things up inside. If you are unable to find a release for this pent up frustration in the form of creative expression or gentle exercise it can induce stress related conditions.

Massage is something that you are especially receptive to that could help. People born on this day usually possess a good appetite and opt for healthy eating practices. You are likely to find cooking for yourself and others most enjoyable. The main strengths of your unique character lie in your practical and analytical thoughts and actions.

Another major forte of yours is to be found in your agreeableness to reason.

These impressive attributes let you make fast easy progress in life and acquire many companions along the way. Negative traits for those born on February 23rd are the tendencies to slip into hypercritical moods and act haughtily occasionally. These personality weaknesses for those born on February 23rd seem to occur at regular intervals if you do not discover an effective method to combat anxiety build ups.

Being born on the 23rd of February bestows you with high levels of intuition and a colorful imagination. These characteristics filter through into your life hopes and aims making you probably have a large number of aspirations. You are highly motivated by goals but tend to make more than you really have time for and rarely accomplish them all.

Your dreams are just as plentiful and you have the same enthusiasm to endeavor to make them come true if you possibly can. Your greatest wish is often to be with someone who makes you feel loved, appreciated and complete while truly being yourself. As you were born on the twenty third day of February the digits in your birth date equate to a Root number of Five. Inquiry is the special keyword to this numerical reference to your birthday and it accentuates your love of learning and inquisitiveness.

The Tarot card associated with your birthday is the 5th in the Major Arcana, the Hierophant. This card highlights comprehension and is a probable symbol of your keenness in investigating the unexplained.