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Previously one could find, for example, 4 planets in 6th harmonic and one could choose whether to remove lower harmonics but when 4 planets are sextile to each other, there are always lower harmonic aspects! This is true with just 3 planets. In a sextile-sextile-trine pattern, the trine is a lower harmonic aspect.

It is impossible to have 3 planets sextile to each other without one of the aspects being a trine. Consequently, the feature of being able to find harmonic patterns that do not include lower harmonic aspects was not helpful for finding grand sextile aspects.

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If, for example, two planets are conjunct and these two planets are sextile two other planets that are conjunct, the four planets are in 6th harmonic, but not even close to being at 4 points of a grand sextile pattern. This strength is referred to as a proportional orb because the strength assigned to the pattern is proportional to the size of the orbs.

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These new features can not yet be accessed through the user interface. If you are a registered uesr of Sirius version 1. Note that this is the orb in the harmonic chart. When this is saved, a message is displayed that mentions the name of the file that the information is saved in.

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The name of the file is Rxxx. DEF where "xxx" are 3 letters. This file is a text file.

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It can be opened with the editor feature that is provided in Sirius or any other editor, such as the Notepad program that comes with Windows. The file looks similar to this:. The only line that we need to be concerned with is this one: HAp 4 30 6d00m10s 00N 00N00 To change this line to find 5 planets in 5 of the 6 points of a grand sextile pattern, make sure that the four bold blue characters in this line are set properly:. Because this is a 6th harmonic pattern, Sirius searches for 5 planets at 5 points of a grand sextile pattern. The second bold blue P indicates that proportional strength is used.

Proportional strength determines the strength based on the average of the orbs between the planets; otherwise the maximum number of points are used.

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The other values in this line are set by the selections made or are not relevant to 3-planet, 4-planet, and 5-planet patterns. After making these changes, you can run the analysis to obtain the data that is shown in the Appendix. In the list of details that is produced there is a check box to remove the items that have a score of zero, which is most of the dates because the 5-planet sextile patterns occur rarely.

This appendix is primarily provided in case you wish to verify the results obtained. Probably most readers can skip this appendix. Given below are the non-zero results for 5 planets in sextile aspect. The results are presented in sections separated by a double-dashed line.

Within each section are two sets of results separated by 3 dashed lines. The first of the two sets of data in each section shows the 5 planets that are in sextile aspect to each other on a given day. These planets form 5 points of the 6-pointed grand sextile pattern. The Moon is not included in this analysis.

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