February 22 moon horoscope

The more loose ends that need tidying up, the greater the feeling and anxiety you will feel, as if leaving your homework util the last minute. Putting off things can lead to an escalation in conditions to a point of crisis as the March 8 solar eclipse approaches.

February 22nd - Today's Virgo Full Moon - for All Signs

It may be a love relationship, friendship or parent-child relationship that was the source of your inner pain. Whether is be a separation or a continuing unhealthy relationship, the expectations and treatment of women will be central to the problems. These crises are linked to the original eclipse theme of healing the broken heart and addressing imbalances in relationship dynamics.

Once in a generation we experience chaotic upheaval in the world which affects all of us. The theme of completion fits so well with the final moon phase of an eclipse cycle.

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With the Sun and Moon at either end of this axis, a total overhaul is required which will include your ego and emotions, your lifestyle and your habits, work and home etc. The red lines in the full moon February astrology chart below show that the full moon bisects the Uranus Pluto square neatly for form a symmetrical aspect pattern that looks like a kite. It is not a kite aspect pattern though, infact it does not even have a name… yet. The solid red lines inside the figure are the familiar Sun opposite Moon and Uranus square Pluto. Less familiar are the red dotted and dashed lines enclosing the figure.

Full Moon 22 February Release Your Anger – Astrology King

For this reason, the inner stress and tension manifest externally as outwards events. These aspects represent inflexibility that results in obstacles blocking you from adapting to change. A buildup of nervous tension can result in unpredictable behavior on your part which can lead to abruptness, rapid changes in direction and even accidents. Without the safe and conscious release of this impulsive and rebellious energy, ego conflicts are possible.

Arguments at this time would lead to loss of face and unexpected consequences, especially if you take on superiors. Such challenges can force you into a corner where you have to either defend your position or make a major change. You may feel jumpy and have little patience for anything requiring commitment or focus.

You need extra stimulation and excitement and are likely to rebel against anyone who tries to tie you down or forced you to do something. Emotional power struggles with family or partners are possible and may become quite ruthless. If we ignore the Sun in the full moon chart above then we have a triangle with the Moon, Uranus and Pluto. It can indicate danger to the apex planet which activates a powerful survival instinct. Just as with the octile aspects, quite often the danger manifests as outside events.

Mars enters Scorpio

Some people I have known with this aspect pattern have witnessed shootings or have family members in jail because of acts of violence. They, however, always come out unscathed. But the Sun is in the Full Moon chart and creates a more complex aspect pattern.

The energy dynamics will be similar to a focused Yod. In a regular Yod, like the Quadriform, the action point or focal point is where the energy is expressed. In our chart above it would be the Moon. The square and opposition make up the frame of the weapon to deal with the conflict or crisis. The octile aspects represent the high tension of the twisted wires or rope.

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The buildup of tension from Uranus square Pluto arrives at the Moon, which then releases this conflict energy through the Sun. The moon bow launches the Sun arrow at a distant target. Although this aspect pattern represents a complex long-term challenge or conflict, it also gives the tools necessary to release the tension and deal with the problem. This is a dangerous weapon and should not be pointed at loved ones. Conscious targeting of the anger and frustration must be leveled at a punching bag or some external threat to your welfare. This conscious aiming is made easy with the Sun at the reaction point.

It is a matter or survival. The alternative to evolving due to the rapid changes of Uranus square Pluto is extinction. The February full moon has no easy way out but it does give the motivation and ruthlessness needed for a strong ego to protect itself and loved ones to ensure survival. This is the final step in a long journey of adapting to threatening and extreme changes over recent years. It is very fortunate and powerful but can be destructive. It can be very good or very bad, and is especially powerful with the Sun. Full Moon February shows how to resolve an ongoing conflict or crisis by releasing anger.

Stress has been building for years now due to the radical and extreme change of Uranus square Pluto. Those things represented by the Moon have been overpowered by the Sun. Women or the submissive partner have been dominated by men or the dominant partner. The public has been suppressed by the authorities. Now the frustrations and seething anger of the Moon can unleash this destructive energy back at the Sun to right wrongs and balance the scales. The people of Iran have suffered more than most from the extreme change of Uranus square Pluto through sanctions and isolation.

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  7. The silent majority can unleash the built up frustration and anger upon the religious extremist patriarchy by voting them out of power. That truly would be a major evolutionary leap for humanity. Right on your 3 degree Virgo Sun.

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    5. See your Virgo decan 1 February horoscope. Hi Jamie ,i am new to your posts and found it very informative. Your final Uranus conjunct Sun transit is 26 March The Pluto square is no long gone. Much more stability by the end of the year with Saturn trine your Sun mid December The very very very last thing? I really want it to end. Ideally, travel somewhere if you can. If not, explore your own backyard and be a tourist in your own city. Meet new friends or talk to people from foreign countries or do whatever you can to be stimulated. Today your emotional experiences will be more intense than usual.

      Or you might be disputing a debt or an inheritance. Keep your shirt on. This is tough if you need to get something off your chest.


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      Actor Kelsey Grammar shares your birthday today. You are easy-going, relaxed and often interested in spirituality. You are modest about your talents and tend to go with the flow. This is your year of harvest and major achievements because you are reaping the benefits of the last decade. You will taste power and leadership in all your relationships.

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